About POP! Promotions, LLC

POP! Promotions is a full-service promotional product agency. We facilitate the selection, design, and production of decorated merchandise and apparel. We are trained to quickly identify and recommend products that best represent your business. We do this by pinpointing what strategy best supports your objective, corporate image, and determined budget. We offer fast quotes, design support and competitive pricing – managing all the details.


Corporate & Casual Apparel, Headwear, Sportswear & Industrial Workwear

When clients or employees are given decorated apparel with a logo or attractive design, they become walking billboards for your company and it's brand. We will educate you on the style and construction details, ensuring your purchase meets your business objectives. We provide timely quotes and offer product samples when needed to facilitate the decision making process. Our services include:

  •  Embroidery, Monogramming & Digitizing
  •  Screen Printing, Sublimation & Direct-on-Garment Printing
  •  Laser Etching and Appliqué
  •  Specialty Embellishments, Heat Transfers and Patches
  •  Packaging Solutions, Gift Boxing and Bagging

Look to POP! Promotions as your one—stop solution to help you stand out from the crowd! When appearance counts, we have you covered! We are committed to making you look great!


Tradeshow and Exhibit Marketing

POP! Promotions can create an effective tradeshow booth that attracts your prospect's attention, establishes the company identity, and demonstrate the service or product benefit by:

  •  Providing a strategic exhibit marketing plan to establish brand identity
  •  Select products that reinforce the corporate message, that have a natural link to the company's brand
  •  Set a tone that communicates your appreciation to the event attendees and provides a reminder of your goods and/or services, because a giveaway doesn't mean throwaway!

Direct Mail and Advertising Programs

Direct mail needs a direct message! Most people decide in three seconds whether they are going to open a piece of mail or toss it. Your message should leave the prospective customer with a clear next step or offer. We can help you choose the right product for your message, which can be easily imprinted and delivered. We offer project management from “soup to nuts” and can help you with:

  •  Defining a specific objective
  •  Determine the targeted audience
  •  Developing a central theme and message
  •  Provide product knowledge and implementation campaign strategies
  •  Measure your ROI

 Direct Mail

Recognition, Reward and Award Programs

A well-designed award or incentive program can increase sales, improve productivity and motivate employees. We can help with: 

  •  Informal day-to-day recognition programs
  •  Formal annual recognition programs
  •  Provide a strong theme for ongoing or periodically programs
  •  Coordination with internal departments

There are no rules about how often recognition should take place. Ideally, recognition should take place as soon as possible. Whenever you genuinely want to say "Thanks" or "Congratulations." Informal recognition is day-to-day recognition. It is about communication–giving daily feedback to employees about their work. Formal recognition is an annual awards program. The promotion should have a strong theme, be ongoing, and change periodically as the program matures.

Get your marketing department involved! POP! Promotions is experienced in pinpointing key benefits and assisting you with communicating those benefits clearly to everyone.